Cost to educate your students K through 12...approximately $100,000 - $180,000.
 Cost to find out how you did......$14.


Our first post graduate survey starts with the 18 month survey.  Find out where your graduates are, document whether their plans have changed, and receive important  feedback regarding the education they received.  Graduates can respond to an online, email, text, or traditional mail survey. To ensure that you get the best rate of return possible, a LifeTrack representative will phone and/or text each graduate who did not respond with 3 attempts (minimum) per phone number provided.  LifeTrack will then compile your data  and provide it to you in a personalized, colorful, easy-to-read format.  We do the work, you put your data to work for your school! 

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 5 Year Culminating Survey 

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Graduate Surveys.. a measure of success.

How we measure up. 

We track your students and report to you for up to five years.

graduate surveys 

With our most popular graduate survey program, we track your students and report back to you for up to five years. Find out how your students answered your questions then and now as you follow their path to success!

Measure your graduates success by surveying your students with our proven Graduate Survey Program from LifeTrack Services, Inc.  
​Thousands of students graduate each year, never to be heard from again by the schools who have spent money and time preparing them for the future.  Did their wishes at graduation come to fruition?  How many, prepared by your institution, went on to college, trade schools or military?  How well do they feel they were prepared for life after high school graduation?  Wouldn't your parents, teachers and administrators benefit by knowing how their students succeed up to five years after graduation?
​When your school board asks you what percentage of your students graduated from a four year college.....know it,  and be able to show them your powerful results with our
3-Step Graduate Survey Program.  

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We use every method to get you results like no other school survey program.

Provide schools and districts with the survey information they need to evaluate social and educational programs.

Evaluate programs directly from a student perspective.

Build credibility and trust with parents and organizations. 

​Effectively evaluate your performance as an educational institution

Secure, Reliable, Third Party Data

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The Culminating Survey identifies your graduates' present status five years after graduation and obtains the concluding feedback from your graduate.  The Culminating Survey is completed five years after graduation and can be completed online via email, text or traditional mail. Utilizing our Call Center, a LifeTrack representative will phone each graduate (3 attempts minimum)  who did not respond via other methods and take the survey responses via phone.  When all responses available have been completed, Lifetrack will  then compile your data  and provide it to you in a personalized, colorful, easy-to-read format for your use.   

As your next graduation ceremony comes into view, follow the path of successful  students who were given a strong start by you!  

Our Call Center sets us apart. 
We get you the highest response rates.

graduate surveys
by lifetrack services

Select from our large bank of questions, design your own, or use a combination.  LifeTrack will build your customized survey for you and set it up to be administered, so you can spend your time analyzing your results, using our easy-to-read compilation reports.  

 The Senior Exit Survey

The many ways to use your graduate survey data. 

Obtain immediate student feedback from your students prior to graduation with the Senior Exit Survey.   Utilize this exit survey to document your seniors' plans for the future and their life ahead, your school climate, and other critical issues related to the education your students receive.  Getting your senior exit survey started is simple. Select your survey questions and LifeTrack will build your customized survey to fit the questionnaire format you request.  Once the survey is completed and responses have been received,  we then compile your data and send you a personalized, easy-to-read compilation report.  You spend your time analyzing your data.  We do the work compiling and presenting it for you.  

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​Our LifeTrack Call Center sets our graduate survey programs apart from all other school survey programs.  We track your students and get you responses via all avenues, including phone, text, email, secured website and USPS mailings to ensure your student response rate is the highest possible.  ​​

  18 Month Post Graduate Survey