You determine your content.  
Choose from our survey bank of questions. 
Modify or use your own questions. 

We do the work.  

school surveys
by lifetrack services 

Exit Surveys at the end of the year. 
Climate Surveys during the year.
​Pre & post survey your students at the beginning and end of new programs. 
Nutritional Surveys
Parent Surveys
​Anytime you wish to obtain feedback from your students.  

Possibilities are endless.  

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Customizable,  flexible surveys for your students.  

We build your survey, you administer it at your convenience and on your own schedule.  
We compile your data 
We personalize your easy-to-read compilation report. 
​You enjoy the benefits of your student feedback data.  ​  


 Middle School Surveys, Grade School Surveys, School Snapshot Surveys, School Climate Surveys, Parent Surveys, Sports Surveys

Keep their future looking bright and shiny!