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Instead of formulating questions, tabulating and maintaining results and organizing it in a readable format, spend your time using your senior exit survey results

  • Post results to your website for parents and school boards.
  • Share positives with your community.
  • Support existing and create new programs. 
  • Analyze your curriculum from your graduates' perspective.
  • Identify school improvement strategies. 
  • Reward strategies and personnel for good work.  

How does the future look from your graduates' point of view?  

Senior Exit Surveys ​

"Fairmont Area Schools has just completed our 2nd year using LifeTrack to survey our graduating seniors.  We are most impressed with the fast results that were received within days of our students completing their survey.  It was most useful comparing the responses from the last two years.  We are using these results to update our five-year strategic plan.  I only wish we would have implemented this great service years ago."
Joseph E. Brown, Sr.
Fairmont Area Schools Superintendent
714 Victoria Street, Suite 103
Fairmont, MN 

Find out more than just whether or not your grads want to go to college.  

Why not survey your students?  

Why not ask the questions that can help you be a better school with a senior exit survey?  By the time students graduate from high school, anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 has been spent to move each student from K-12 through to high school graduation.  Having perception data of how your students feel about their preparedness for life after high school can be a valuable tool in helping your school to better prepare students for the future.  Without exit surveys, schools are missing out on what can be a critical piece of their success!

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Put LifeTrack Senior Exit Surveys to work for you!

Senior exit surveys
by lifetrack services

Schools love our Senior Exit Surveys.  

Our Senior Exit Surveys use a Combination of: 

   Classic Paper Surveys

   Text Survey Links

   Email Survey Links

   Online Surveys

We get the best response rates possible​ with the least effort by you.  

   Choose from our bank of questions.

​   We tabulate your results. 

   We combine your results in an easy-to-read, colorful format and send it to you.  

 You have time to do your job. 

As your seniors exit high school, survey your students with proven Senior Exit Surveys from LifeTrack Services.  

How you spend your time.   

Discover the Power of Student Data.

We do it better   
for less.

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