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How does your school measure up?  Do you know where your graduates are five years after they graduate?  How will they answer these questions then?  

"We have been a client of yours I believe since approximately 2001-02.  We are required in Missouri to track our students post-graduation and we also tie it into the tracking necessary for the A+ Program.  In Missouri, all students that meet a few requirements (attendance/GPA/tutoring/citizenship, etc.) can attend a community college or technical school in Missouri tuition free.  We use the information that your company provides for us to track them as well.  We value the simplicity of your system, it is very user friendly - minimal work required on our part, yet we can customize the questions, etc. to meet our ever changing needs.  We have received a much better return rate with the additons you have made recently by adding cell phone #'s and e-mail addresses.  Our students really enjoy having the 1-800-Reunion tied to it as well.  It is so much easier maintaining relationships through that site and coordinating a reunion through this method than having to physically call every class member.  The results that you present to us are very colorful, easy to read, and bound together and we present this information to all administrators and Board Members annually.  Obviously, we use the information to check how the students feel we are preparing them for college and the workforce, and constantly look at how we could improve to help make the transition for them smoother.  It helps us keep a grip on how our students feel our school climate is - were they ever harrassed/bullied, did they feel safe at our school or not, drug prevalence, etc.  All of these factors play into our planning and preparation for the next school year.  We thank you for all of your hard work in making this possible for us.  Your staff is very helpful, pleasant to deal with, and beyond professional.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship and thank you for all of your time and efforts to help us meet our goals."      Thank you! 
Brent Cooper, Superintendent 
​Concordia R-2 Schools, MO

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"We use the data to update our school improvement plans and have adjusted curriculum in the past related to responses. In particular we pay attention to the questions related to application of policies, discipline, and harassment instances. We do find the data to be general but we get a feel for what students felt was done well and not so well. We have not used the data recently for grant applications.  We find the LifeTrack staff to be very friendly and efficient."
Al Buerkle
​Sweet Grass County High School,
Big Timber, MT

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Comprehensive Graduate Surveys, Senior Exit Surveys, School Surveys and Graduate Follow up programs help your school be the best it can be. Document the path of your students, track growth and success from your graduates' perspective, and effectively evaluate your performance as an educational institution.   ​Our call center sets us apart from any other school survey program and gets the results you need with up to five years of data on each of your graduates.  

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​​"We use the LifeTrack data to develop effective programs for students and assist in the writing of district goals. This data helps us understand what our strengths are as a district as well as the areas that need improvement.
The team at LifeTrack is always helpful and they are quick to respond when we have an inquiry. Cassie is very good about keeping track of what we need to do and she makes sure the process is smooth.
​A big "thank you" to LifeTrack for providing us with a wonderful service!"
Kevin Nial
Student Advocate
Unadilla Valley Central School, NY

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Tracking students and tabulating data can be time-consuming and expensive.  Let us do the work for you, affordably, so that you can do your job as effectively as possible. We get your data to you for immediate use, quick, secure and in a user-friendly format. Put student data to work for you with one of our effective school survey programs.    

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​We do the work tabulating and displaying your graduate survey, senior exit survey or other school survey data in an easy-to-read format ready for you to use.  

​​​"We use this data to review our educational programs so that we can improve the overall education of all of our students. Our main goal to is to help support our students for success after high school graduation, and the LifeTrack surveys and data are a wonderful way for us to be able to do that.  All of my interactions with the LifeTrack staff have been great. The staff reply quickly to any questions that I have and are very quick to get me any additional data or updates that I need."
​​Brian Comegna
Manager of Pupil Services
Commonwealth Charter Academy
​Harrisburg, PA 

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​​​"LifeTrack data has made it much easier for us to provide real feedback about our educational programs and the success of our students.  Staff are easy to work with, remind us when items are due, work with us to provide the best possible survey questions and obtain results from both our students and parents. The data collected on a yearly basis is used at our opening in-service to provide a narrative of where our students are at 2 years past High School."
David Schmidt
Curriculum Director
​Pratt High School, KS

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"Broken Bow Public uses our school survey data to inform our school board on how things are perceived by our seniors and past graduates. Our administration uses the data to see where we can improve in the key areas that we ask the questions from."

Rusty Kluender
Broken Bow Public Schools, NE

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*Graphs represent actual data results from a total of 63 schools surveying graduates in 2016 using sample questions

Thousands of senior students leave their schools never to be heard from again.  Put LifeTrack graduate surveys and senior exit surveys to work for you with powerful feedback from your students.  Use your data to document the success of your school programs and your graduates.  Identify improvement strategies, secure grants and provide tangible documentation of your success to School Boards, PTA, Administrators and Parents.  

Our  Survey Call Center gets results and sets us apart from every other survey program available!    We maximize your school survey response rates utilizing every avenue possible, including text, phone, email, USPS, OR codes and online surveys to get you the most accurate and unbiased results. Whether it is Senior Exit Surveys, School Climate Surveys,  Parent Surveys, Athletic Surveys, Coach Surveys or our popular five year Graduate Follow-up Program, we help you find out how your school measures up in the minds of your students, parents and community with our affordable, School Survey Programs.
Choose questions, from our bank of questions, modify them to fit your needs, or formulate your own.  Our surveys are secured and accessed via password so that you can rest assured that your data is as accurate. ​